In these last days of complete apostasy, it is very difficult to find Biblical material and it is practically impossible to find a Biblical church.  So, "prove all things, hold fast that which is good"  (1 Thess 5:21).  The majority of believers today are found in the countries where there is persecution.  (They should be sending missionaries here.)  Note that what is being passed off as the 'gospel', even in so-called fundamental churches, is NOT the Gospel of the Bible, the Gospel preached by the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles, and the Gospel of the persecuted church.  (Be VERY careful when reading and buying books from centuries past, as the copies sold today are often edited, abridged, modernized... mostly by 'christians' and in the process they destroy.)
Also, please note that this website does not necessarily endorse or agree with the stance/content of the websites that are linked below. 

Bible Study:
The King James Bible in mp3 audio (voice only, non-dramatised)
Broadman & Holman Publishers publish  ISBN #9781558192508 a traditional holy looking KJV Bible without explanatory notes, study aids, colorful covers (presently available on and  (References, concordances... are being modernized.  Old ones can be found here and also on Swordsearcher.)
Books for Adults:
Read John Bunyan's 'The Pilgrim's Progress' - was considered second after the Bible.  Be careful to get a copy with the Bible verse references.) 
This website has many sound books, sermons... from the past that can be read online (note that the verses have been changed and are NOT KJV)
(If you are looking to buy books you can start here and here.)
Books and Scripture Songs for Children/Teens:
Some sound out-of-print books have been republished.  Be sure to use Biblical discretion and search here and here.
Recommended titles: 
  • 'Paula - Daughter of the Waldenses' (can be read online here)
  • 'Mimosa' (Amy Carmichael)
  • 'Highway of Sorrow' (Hesba Stretton)
  • 'The King's Servants' (Hesba Stretton)
  • 'Fern's Hollow (Hesba Stretton)
  • 'No Place Like Home' (Hesba Stretton)
  • 'Three Months under the Snow:  The Journal of a Young Inhabitant of the Jura' (Jean Jacques Porchat)
  • the 'Jungle Doctor' books (Paul White)
  • 'Mary Jones and Her Bible'
  •              'Judith' (N. I. Saloff-Astakhoff)
  • 'The Story of a Pocket Bible' (George Sargent)
  •               'Worth Dyig For' (Nicholas Stoltzfus)


ABE Books is an excellent place to search for used copies.
Children reciting and singing KJV Scripture (tapes/cds) can be bought here
 Excellent to give as a gift (to both young men and women):
'Thoughts for Young Men' (by J. C. Ryle - 1816 - 1900) can be read online here.
Other Authors, Links...:
This is a must:  The Letters of Ruth Bryan.  
Doctrines and Apostasy of Fundamentalism
Music:  KJV Scripture Songs:
KJV Bible passages set to music - also helps to memorize Scripture - visit Scripture Songs